Joppa Flats

DSC_0007Joppa Flats in Newburyport on a foggy Wednesday morning was the destination for my sister in law Barbara and I to experience a Wednesday morning ‘birding’ expedition put on by the Audobon Society.  Having arrived half an hour early we did a quick run through downtown Newport.  I wanted to check out if “Oldies” was open.  Oldies is just full of everything everyone is looking for.  It is quite an adventure just walking through the door of this antique warehouse, situated right alongside the Merrimack River.  Unfortunately only open on the weekends until later in May.  But came upon a real find when a little shop was open that sold door mats from the Maine Float Rope company.  This was a real score as they are my favorite doormats and I lost mine in a December storm.

DSC_0010Surprisingly to us, there were a lot of avid ‘birders’ that filled the parking lot of the Audobon upon our return for the 9:30 start.  Breaking up in different vans and suvs we were on our way.  Our driver, Dave, would mimic the songs of the various birds and there was much excitement when one was discovered.  The area itself is a beautiful preserve.  The birds are abundant and we saw the largest flock of comerant I’ve ever seen.  Barbara and I met many folks that day, but I took a liking to a young gentleman named Ider Batbayar.  He is a travel manager for Nomadic Expeditions that say they are “Pioneers in Exceptional Adventures to Mongolia and Beyond”.  The last couple photos of the slideshow below, entitled “Joppa Flats” you’ll see Ider.  I promised I’d forward him pictures of the day and he was very grateful and appreciative.  He told me I had to go to Mongolia and he would get me to ride the Wildest Horse and Wildest Camel he could find.  One day I would like to go there just to take him up on it.

The birding trip lasted approximately 3.5 hours.  Great way to be out in nature and feel the excitement of seeing a Green-tail Towhee, Red Winged Blackbird, Cowbirds flying through the air as well as Yellow Legs and Blue Herons.  Ihaven’t figured out all the birds I saw, but hanging in coastal Newburyport and the Joppa Flats area for a day was well worth the morning rush hour traffic through Boston to get there.DSC_0047