Kent Narrows Bridge

St. Michaels Through Kent Narrows

Heading to Kent Narrows
Heading to Kent Narrows

The morning at Swan Creek started like most others, except for one small thing.  The night before the women decided to abandon their ships and all come aboard the Hun Bun with Christa.  Frank was thrown overboard and luckily Billy picked him up in the Bonnie Christine.  Birgitta, Dunc, Linda and Christa set off for St. Michaels as other women with their men watched as we yelled ‘ladies day’ and knew they were jealous as they yelled back at us cheering.  The first of many laughs was on the men we left behind — no galley wenches made their breakfasts this morning and no sandwiches were left for their lunch.

Linda read us a small story (one eyes, two eyes and three eyes) as we attempted to sail, but ended up power/sailing due to wind direction and speed.  She also brought some delicious homemade carrot soup we all had for lunch.  Playing Creedence Clearwater we sang along, navigated by gps and chart and anticipated our calling for a bridge opening to go through Kent Narrows.  Captain and crew were inspiring.  A fisherman was passing and hooting at us and wanted to come aboard.  But we forged on with our destination in mind.  After passing through Kent Narrows and continuing on we didn’t notice that Billy and Frank had passed through before us and were tied up along side a restaurant having an afternoon cocktail and sandwich…funny thing though, we took photos as we passed and later saw their boat (they did fess up so we weren’t able to to tell them how we knew). After Linda did a superb job on anchor, we sat and waited for the men in the other two boats to come along and anchor beside us.

That evening it wouldn’t have been the same if we didn’t go crab banging again at the Crab Claw Restaurant.  Billy got crabs from a woman there that night (her leftovers in exchange for a beer).  P9300202

So much to offer.  The next day started with a walk with Linda in the morning through town.  There was a farmer’s market where we bought some fresh vegetables – ran into BIlly and he took them back to the boat for us.  Two separate religious groups raising religious awareness sang songs of god in harmonizing melody.  Made me sad.  As we continued along Talbot Street we came upon a brew pub.  Although it was only 11:30 AM — a flight of five various beers and a bowl of popcorn became lunch.  The ‘Duck Duck Goose’ which had a hint of coffee and chocolate was a heavier, but delicious beer.  Had a great time talking with the bartender and other visitors who stopped in.  Later in the day we went to the Maritime Museum which was holding a small boat show of mostly hand-made boats.  The various designs and precision workmanship was something to admire.   I liken St. Michaels to Cape May, as Cape May had been one of my favorite stops (still is) but St. Michaels rivals for top billing with all their town has to offer the transient boater and vacationer seeking the charm of a nautical community. DSC_0935