Appledore, Isle of Shoals -The Garden is Worth the Visit

This trip to the Isle of Shoals was to visit a garden originally planted by Celia Thaxter. Her father was a lighthouse keeper on White Island and eventually built a large hotel on one of the other Isle of Shoal’s islands, Appledore. Celia married at 16, had 3 sons, and was also known for her poetry. She was hostess at her father’s hotel, which at the time drew many artistic and literary folk. She had a cottage on the island, which burned down along with the hotel in 1914. Celia loved Appledore and had a great love of flowers and gardens. Thanks to John Kingsbury of the Shoals Marine Lab, the garden has been recreated and includes some of her original plants.

We drove to Portsmouth (Jan, Barbara, Patty and I) and took a marine lab boat out to the Shoals. We explored the garden, cemetery and a beach cove. Lunch was provided as well as informative tour guides for our walking tour. These tours run annually and fill up quickly.

After returning we stopped in downtown Portsmouth for a drink on the water and quick walk around before heading back. All in all, though approximately $100 each, I found the cost worth the tour and knowing the funds were being given back to maintaining the beauty of such a remote island home.


Thank you to my adventurers today…..Jan, Barbara and Patty.